2009 Dark Days Challenge — I’m in!

Oh, how I love a challenge.
I just read about the 2009 Dark Days Challenge on the Eat Local Challenge Blog. Basically, you have to promise to eat at least one local meal a week and blog about it. Easy, right? Maybe.
It’s hard in the winter, hence the name “Dark Days Challenge.” Most consider 100 miles eating local. Like the Eat Local Challenge I participated in in October, I’m saying 250 miles is local. Why? That’s how far away the dairy is that the milk I buy comes from. If there was a dairy closer than that, I’d be buying it there, but I haven’t found one yet.
So, I’m already a week behind, as the challenge kicked off on November 15th.  This week will be a challenge, since it is Thanksgiving. I’ll do the bulk of the cooking I’m gonna do this week all on one day. My turkey is local, though. But, my mom is sharing in the cooking duties, and what she’s makin’ ain’t local. Cheez Whiz doesn’t grow around here. Not that I’m complaining. She’s making her broccoli casserole at my request.

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