Penny Pinching Pantry Raid: The celebratory weekend and start to a crazy week at work.

I’d like to point out that I worked for several hours both Saturday and Sunday… Don’t get me wrong, I love my job, but sometimes it’s a little ridiculous. Especially when it ruins my anniversary/husband’s birthday weekend plans.

Saturday, July 17th
Saturday was supposed to be the end of a two and-a-half-day celebration. But it was just the beginning of celebrating Jeremy’s birthday, as my job threw a wrench into the plans.
Breakfast: oatmeal with milk, cinnamon and raw sugar. Coffee and cream.
Lunch: leftover zucchini casserole and green beans.
Dinner: Cookout at the inlaws! Brats with peppers and onions, corn on the cob and earthquake cake.
Snacks: a raspberry muffin, leftover birthday cake at the office

Sunday, July 18th
Breakfast: sausage sandwich with american cheese and mayo at Jeremy’s parents’ house. We stayed all night.
Lunch: leftover brats and stuffed jalepenos that Jeremy’s mom sent back home with us
Dinner: Pasta primavera and salad made and brought in by our angel-of-a-coworker, Melanie. She loves to cook and is from a big Italian family, so she frequently treats us with her goodies. Jeremy had a salad.

Monday, July 19th
Breakfast: Both of us had coffee/cream a frozen biscuit and an egg over-easy. I was out of milk. Boo.
Lunch: I had leftover pasta primaver and salad and a garden-fresh tomato from another general coworker. I’m starting to realize that I’ve really got it made when it comes to the people I work with. I packed for Jeremy a PB/J sandwich, cucumber, chips, almonds, two bottles of water and a raspberry muffin.
Dinner: I had a meeting Monday night, and luckily there were refreshments provided, because I went straight from work (at 7 p.m.!!!) to the meeitng. I had a gyro, potato chips and root beer. Jeremy had Arby’s, paid for with his own money.
Snacks: I had tortilla chips and salsa, and some garden-fresh tomatoes.

Tuesday, July 20th
Breakfast: we both skipped breakfast this morning. I just wasn’t hungry.
Lunch: I had leftover jambalaya that I made Friday and some garden-fresh tomatoes. Jeremy had a PB/J, a cucumber, chips, almonds and a muffin and two bottles of water.
Dinner: Squash casserole
Snacks: I had a hard-boiled egg, yogart, almonds and tortilla chips and salsa.

I did have to break down and go to the grocery store Tuesday evening to get milk and some stuff to put in our lunches. I got milk, granola bars, humus, tortilla chips (for work), Kroger-brand instant drink mixes for water bottles, and saltines.

Pantry Raid budget remaining: $1.96
Special occasion budget remaining: $1.78

I should mention that I planned on making guacamole for Jeremy’s cookout at his parent’s house. But because of work, I didn’t get to. So, I didn’t even make anything. I wasn’t really sure what I should do about reconciling the budgets, but I kept all the food I bought for the cookout and didn’t use, so why don’t I add them together? $125 for the month total? I totally would have used the food I bought for what I bought it for, but plans fell through. So now it’s in my freezer. It wouldn’t be fair not to count it.

I also gained quite a bit of food over the weekend, without having to buy it. Gardens are in full-swing, and it seems I know all the right people. My mom has a good friend who has a farm and has way to much growing around her home for a single lady to eat or even put up. Mom helps her with her garden sometimes, and she brought me the fruits of their labors last weekend… no pun intended. I got a bag of peaches, a bag of cucumbers, a handful of tomatoes, and an eggplant.

Also, going to visit Jeremy’s parents is like visiting a farmers’ market. His dad sent us home with another pint of blackberry jam, about 4 lbs of new potatoes, two “peter pan” squashes, several cucumbers and some tomatoes.


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