It’s the 4th Annual Dark Days Challenge!

artwork credit: (not so) Urban Hennery
Yay! It’s the 4th Annual Dark Days Challenge!
I can attest, it was SO much fun last year.
The concept? Well, cook 1 meal a week that is “SOLE” (sustainable, organic, local, ethical). Then blog about it. Send your links to The (not so) Urban Hennery for a bi-weekly round-up.
It might sound daunting, but it’s really not. Before I joined the challenge last year, I was pretty much doing it anyway. I just didn’t realize it.
And, I don’t know about you, but I really get a thrill of seeing my blog on that round up. Don’t deny it. Everyone likes to see their name in print. 
Last year, I got countless ideas for meals through the challenge. My wrapping-paper-tube-pasta-drying-rack-trick? Courtesy of Hippie Chick. Not to mention, I “met” some really fantastic food bloggers through the Challenge.
Let’s face it. Eating locally and sustainably is the “vogue” thing to do these days. Besides, it’s a cause that we can all pitch in on. Everybody eats, right?
Sign up before midnight, November 21st at (not so) Urban Hennery. The challenge begins December 1st.

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