Dark Days Challenge Week 7: Pork cutlets and potatoes

I made a hearty winter meal, pork cutlets, rosemary roasted potatoes and homemade bread.

The pork cutlets were from Sandy Creek Farms, breaded in organic white flour from Krogers, an egg from Breezy Knoll Farm, and then sesoned bread crumbs from Krogers.

We also had roasted potates that my father-in-law grew in his garden last summer, coated with some EVOO with kosher salt (both from the grocery store) and some rosemary from a coworker’s herb garden.

The bread was made from stone-ground white flour from Reed’s Mill Flours in Monroe County and some active dry yeast from the grocery store.

Speaking of homemade bread, it was my second batch from this book:

I love it so far. The first loaf was okay, but the second one I made tonight was much better. I’m sure it’s just a matter of getting used to making bread from scratch. It will be so nice to have fresh bread every couple days for dinner. It has a crispy chewy crust, but a soft inside. I don’t even use a pizza stone or a pizza peel, which the book recommends. I’ve been using two cookie sheets. Apparently, it is even better with the proper equipment. Now, hopefully I didn’t just jinx myself with the dough gods…

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