One of about 101 ways to enjoy fresh tomatoes

It never occurred to me that yellow tomatoes were for more than just eating fresh. They’re just so darn good fresh with a little salt on them. Why would you eat them any other way?

Okay, now that I am legitimately salivating at the thought of a big fresh Stripey or Pineapple tomato right now… Have you ever thought about using yellow tomatoes in some of the ways you’d use red ones?

Heidi Swanson, over at 101 Cookbooks, has. She has a simple recipe for Golden Tomato Sauce. And this sauce is bangin’.

I made it last night with some penne. I figured it would hold the sauce better. I literally made the sauce start to finish while I was waiting on the pasta to cook. That’s how quick and easy it is.


I think yellow tomatoes have a much more mellow flavor than red ones. I’m positive there’s some scientific reason, but I’m not sure what it is. I’ve always heard they are lower in acid, and I’m sure that affects the taste. The red pepper flakes add a nice subtle bite that pairs so well with the mellow tomatoey goodness. The only thing I did different in this recipe was add about a tablespoon of roux (1 tb extra virgin olive oil plus enough flour to make a loose paste) near the end of the cooking to thicken it and give it some body. Not as healthy as Heidi’s, but soooooo yummy.

I love that blog, by the way. The recipes are so simple and straight forward. This is totally my food philosophy, and is the way food should be when using fresh ingredients. Some of my favorite dishes I’ve ever made have less than five ingredients. There’s no need to fuss with deliciousness by adding a bunch of stuff to it.

Just another way to enjoy fresh tomatoes while they’re in season. I’ll be making this again before they’re gone.


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