SOLE on SNAP: Day 5 Back on Track

Finally, I am back on my regular routine after a long weekend with a flurry of activity, and I promise to start including nutritional information for the “healthy eating” part of this project.

The short ribs were still in my belly from last night, so I had a cup of coffee and creamer for breakfast. Jeremy had 2 toaster strudels and coffee/creamer.
We both had salad with grape tomatoes, mushrooms (leftover from last night), craisins (free in a box of Smart Start I bought last month), blue cheese crumbles, sliced almonds and salad dressing. I also had the rest of the fingerling potatoes. I had water and Jeremy had a bottle of Big-K brand diet green tea.
Hamburger Helper with ground venison. Not my proudest effort of SOLE on SNAP, but at least the ground venison is SOLE.
We both had a Chobani yogurt and a Sargento cheese snack. I had an apple, and Jeremy also had some BBQ-flavored whole almonds. When I got home from work, I had a Kashi TLC bar because I was super hungry. I also had a stout beer (leftover from the short ribs) while we watched our tv shows. Jeremy had a couple Miller Lights.
I decided to forego the gym because the weather was BEAUTIFUL. I figured I’d go to GW High School and walk at the track, but instead I worked in the yard cleaning up brush from the bushes we just cut out beside our house. (400 calories for 1.5 hours of work)

Calories 2,052 (less 400 for the exercise = 1,651)
Fat 44.4 g
Sat Fat 7.8
Cholesterol 27.8 mg
Sodium 2,994.1 mg (yikes)
Carbs 251.7 g
Fiber 22 g
Sugars 91.3 g
Protein 128.2 g
Potassium at least 2,399 (however, potassium is not listed on the nutrition facts for the hamburger helper or TLC bar. University of Washington, if it’s so important why isn’t it listed??? And how can we be sure we’re getting enough if it’s not listed???)

I should also mention that we stopped at the grocery store yesterday to buy those mushrooms. They were organic and they were $1.49 plus tax on “manager’s special” aka marked down for quick sale. No problema for us. And, on Monday, I bought a bushel of tomatoes to can and a Long Island Cheese winter squash at the Capitol Market. I spent $16.48. That brings my food total for the month to $114.28.

I have realized that I need to do a listing of what I had on hand before I went to the store this month. Otherwise, how would you know that I’m really sticking to my not spending more han $367 per month for the project? I realize I’m already a few days in, but I’m gonna do that. I’ll post an inventory of what I had before I started the project to keep myself honest.


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