SOLE on SNAP: Day 12

I’m doing a little better each day to get back on track. Sometimes it takes baby steps, I guess.

I had 1 cup of Cheerios with about 1/3 cup of 2% milk. I saw Jeremy getting some money out of his loose change bottle, so I’m guessing he got a biscuit or something on his way to work.
I didn’t pack a lunch for me, so I had to rely on the cafeteria at work, which is a risky move… But I was pleasantly surprised with the baked potato bar. I had a large baked potato with vegetarian chili on it, a little bit of shredded cheddar, and some fresh brocoli and mushrooms from the salad bar. It was pretty filling, and it was only $2.65. Jeremy had leftover wings from BW3 and a salad I packed for him.
We made chili in the crockpot for dinner since I had a meeting and was going to be late getting home. I had one bowl of chili with some saltines. Jeremy had two bowls and also put shredded cheese in his.
I had coffee with non-dairy dry creamer at work. I also had a greek yogurt, a small apple and a stick of string cheese. Then, the wheels fell off the bus and I had a bunch of chocolate Halloween candy someone brought into the office in the afternoon. I had a Kashi TLC granola bar before my meeting to hold me over until dinner, and I also had a handful of tortilla chips after I ate my chili for dinner because I was still hungry.

Calories 2,151
Fat 47.9 g
Sat Fat 19.4 g
Cholesterol 73.5 mg
Sodium 2,570 mg
Carbs 329 g
Fiber 53.3 g
Sugar 108.3 g
Protein 89 g

Not too shabby on the fiber.. I’m sure the beans in the chili on my baked potato and for dinner helped.

Still haven’t been back to the store, so my budget is holding steady. I will need to go and grab a few things this weekend for upcoming meals and to get some more stuff like yogurt for lunches.


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