SOLE on SNAP: Day 13

I heart The Splendid Table. Espcially, the cookbook, How to Eat Supper. It’s like the concept behind Rachel Ray’s 30 Minute Meals, but kicked up a notch. Like 30 minute meals for food snobs. I haven’t made many recipes in it, but the ones I have made have been unbelievably delicious. And fast. And easy. I made the 21st Century Mac and Cheese for dinner, and it did not disappoint.

I had 1 cup of Cheerios and 1/3 cup 2% milk. Jeremy had two toaster strudels and a cup of coffee. Jeremy had toaster strudels.
I had some taco soup that a coworker brought in to share with the office, and some cheetos. Jeremy’s lunch was provided at an event he was working at.
21st Century Mac and Cheese from How to Eat Supper. I halved the recipe. It only took about 20 minutes at the most to assemble, and you bake it about 25 minutes longer. Sadly, this is the only picture I got. Hehehe. It had red pepper flakes and a finely diced red onion, which gave it a bit of an adult edge and a kick. It would be perfect for a cold winter day. I’m definitely going to keep it in the rotation.

SNACKS: I had a greek yogurt and two cups of coffee with powdered creamer in the morning. In the afternoon, I had a small apple and a stick of string cheese. I also had some peanut M&Ms. Seriously, I cannot wait until Halloween is over… And about 3 glasses of red wine and some cheese.

Calories: 2,420
Fat: 88.2 g
Sat Fat 35.2 g
Cholesterol 451.5 mg
Sodium 3,425.1 mg
Carbs 249.4 g
Fiber 30.4 g
Sugar 79.6 g
Protein 81.6 g


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