SOLE on SNAP: Days 14-16

Friday, October 14th
I had a Kashi TLC bar and a hard boiled egg, and a cup of coffee with natural vanilla creamer.
I had a bunch of tortilla chips and salsa, and coconut water and a diet coke. Jeremy went to Applebee’s with my brother for lunch. He had a club sandwich and some beers.
I was at my mom’s house, and I made dinner for us. She had a mini ham thawed, so I bake it with some honey on it. I was going to have salad with it, but the salad she bought was a little passed it’s prime, and I think not worth picking through to find edible pieces. I made potato and leek soup for dinner also. She had minor outpatient surgery, and was told to eat liquids only, so I thought it would be something she would like. Jeremy had leftover chili with saltines and cheddar cheese.
I had a handful of BBQ almonds and a cup of coffee with cream. When I got home, Jeremy and I each had a beer while we were watching tv and I had another handful of tortilla chips.
I walked on my mom’s treadmill for 20 minutes and ran 10 minutes, to burn

I mentioned that I went to my mom’s, and I did stop at the Kroger with the good “manager’s specials” to pick up some stuff to make dinner at her house. I spent $31.24, but I got A LOT of stuff. I cleaned out the managers specials. Again.

1 quart of Homestead creamery chocolate milk (1.49), 1 pound sliced mushrooms (1.49), 1 pound block of Kroger swiss cheese (3.02), 4 Chobani greek yogurts (.65 each), 16 oz. jar of Private Selection arribita pasta sauce (1.99), 3 lbs of organic potatoes, 3 organic leeks, 1 bottle of water (.50), Santina’s tortilla chips (2.00), bag of Kroger salad mix (1.49), Private Selection organic bagged broccoli and califlower (1.49), saltines (.99), a bag of Baked Tostitos
I’m sure there was more, but I can’t remember and I don’t have my reciept. You get the gist.

Saturday, October 15th
I had 1 cup of Kashi Go Lean Crunch with about 1/3 cup of 2% milk and a hard boiled egg. I also had a cup of coffee and about 1 Tb of Natural Bliss creamer. I don’t know what Jeremy had, if anything.
We both had leftover chili with crackers and shredded cheddar.
I didn’t even log this dinner in. We ate out at Vandalia Grille, and it would have been hard to do. We split an order of smoked wings and a basket of sweet potato fries. Jeremy got the Aloha burger, which looked amazing. I got the mushroom and andouille pizza, which was pretty good, but not the best thing I’ve had there. We each had a beer.  I had a gift certificate from, so dinner was super-affordable.
I had two small pepperoni rolls from the bake sale at the Junior League fundraiser event I was working at Saturday morning. Also, Saturday evening was a friends surprise birthday party, and I had a piece of cake and a beer at the party.

Sunday, October 16th
I had 1/2 cup of old fashioned oatmeal with a little bit of 2% milk, a handful of frozen blueberries and a Tb of honey. Also, I had two cups of coffee with 1 Tb natural bliss creamer in each cup. Jeremy didn’t eat breakfast, but did have a cup of coffee with creamer.
We shared an Amy’s Kitchen cheese pizza, I had about 1.25 ounces of tortilla chips and 3 Tb of humus.
I made venison meatballs with fettucini and arrabiata sauce. The sauce was a jar that I picked up on manager’s special. I also had a glass of shiraz.
I had 3 saltines with 2 Tb of natural peanut butter. Jeremy had some chips and salsa and some diet coke.

I had to include some pics of the fresh pasta I made on my super-fancy pasta drying rack–a cardboard wrapping paper tube on some twine. It does the job and stores in a cabinet easily. The first couple times I ate it, I wasn’t a fan of fresh pasta. It took my some time to get the hang of making it, and now I’d take it any day over grocery store dried pasta. I’ve found that it freezes very well, and actually, you’ll get better results if the pasta is frozen and thawed. It’s 100 times easier to roll out and cut. I think it must get a littled dried out from the freezing and thawing, even though I package it in 2 serving portions in a Food Saver baggie. I hang it up to dry until I get it all cut since it cooks in less than 5 minutes. You want to put it all in at EXACTLY the same time, or you risk having too done/under done pasta.

EXERCISE: It was a beautiful day, and I walked at a pretty brisk pace for 45 minutes on the track at George Washington High School. I burnt 239 calories, according to my LoseIt app.


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