Restaurant Redo: Pies and Pints’s Grape Pie

So, I wound up with a ton of leftover grapes from fruit trays bought for a reception for a community group I belong to. I immediately thought of the grape pie at Pies and Pints, the local pizza and beer place (obviously).

It’s grapes, gorgonzola, rosemary, olive oil and garlic on a thin crust. It sounds kinda weird and kinda simple, but it’s heavenly. Pretty much all their food is heavenly, actually. Do something crazy and order something on the menu besides pizza. The wings will haunt you for days after and the Rosemary and Garlic Flatbread. It comes with warm goat cheese to spread on it, and I like to eat that just plain by the spoonful… Just kidding. Kinda.

Anywho. Back to the grape pie. I’ve mentioned here before how much I enjoy making pizza after I overcame my fear of baking with yeast.

So, I made some pizza dough. I use Tyler Florence’s recipe from Eat This Book. And I freeze half of it since half of it is just right for two people. I parbaked it for about 10 minutes because I don’t have a proper pizza pan and use a cookie sheet. When you put a bunch of toppings on pizza and don’t have a pizza stone, the middle never gets done before the outside gets too done. At least, that’s been my experience.

Then, I spread it with olive oil and grapes sliced in half. Next the gorgonzola and chopped up rosemary. And I put some roasted garlic on it. I should have used more. You can never have enough roasted garlic.


It was pretty good, but not the original. I think they must roast the grapes a little bit before. They are more dried out and raisn-y. Or could be that Pies and Pints just has real pizza ovens and uses real pizza pans and stuff. But mine was pretty good for a whim.

Oh, I’ll be going back to Pies and Pints. I still couldn’t even begin to replicate those wings.


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