For when you have a lot of ham and mint on hand.

I ended up with some leftovers from a dinner I had to organize for one of the community groups I belong to. We had so much ham leftover that several of us divvied up a portion of a pan left, and we donated a whole untouched pan to the local soup kitchen.

Ham freezes well and is so versatile. I did feel a flicker of guilt for taking meat to eat that has come, no doubt, from a CAFO, but I think it would be worse to just throw it out. And I know of several ways I can use it.

At any rate, I was planning to make pizza for dinner this week, but I didn’t have a clue what I was going to put on it except for some ciliegini mozzarella that I found marked down on manager’s special.

And I also remembered how delicious the mint pesto was that I made a couple weeks ago for meatballs and pasta.

Boom. Pizza with ham, mozzarella, mint pesto and carmelized onions.

I was surprised how good it tasted. If I saw this on a menu, I would be wary of the combination of ham and mint pesto. It definitely was unique, but it was really tasty!
Unfortunately, the crust wasn’t the best I’ve ever made. It was frozen from the last time I made pizza. One recipe makes enough for two medium-sized pizzas for 2 people, so I usually freeze half of it, or make calzone or something later in the week. I took this dough out of the freezer and thawed it, then I put it in an oiled bowl with a lid and let it sit out on the stove for several hours to rise. It did double in size, but when I got ready to work it into a pizza dough, it was too wet. I didn’t know if I could add more flour at this point, so I just went with it. It was okay to eat, but definitely not crispy on the bottom. It could be that I am making it on a cookie sheet, too, since I broke my favorite Fiestaware pizza pan.
I need to get a proper pizza stone if I’m going to continue making dough from scratch. Or get used to wimpy crusts. And I don’t think I’m willing to accept that…

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