DIY Date Night :Crostini, Lamb Chops and Swiss Chard

A couple Fridays ago, the Hubs and I had a “DIY” Date Night at home. Sometimes these are the best date nights. For some reason, we tend to get a little fancier when we are eating in for date night than when we go out.

These DIY Date Nights are especially nice, because I had everything on hand and just kinda threw it all together. And, I always enjoy when we cook together. The Hubs grilled the lamb chops. The rest of the meal, goat cheese and sundried tomato crostini and wilted swiss chard, was super easy.

I love grilling lamb chops because they have this layer of fat around the outside of them that gets crispy on the outside and makes the inside so juicy. The only problem is that they aren’t big enough… Or maybe we just needed more of them. At any rate, I highly recommend lamb. Especially if it’s grilled. It’s evey better when  you can find the rack of ribs whole–not already cut into pieces. Don’t be intimidated by lamb. I think it’s easier than steak on the grill because it cooks faster and there’s not as much uncertainty about whether you got the middle to the correct temperature or not (depending on how you like your steak). I made a quick balsamic glaze for the lamb chops.

I had some leftover crostini, so I found a quick recipe for sundried tomato and goat cheese crostini since I had those on hand. I also made the swiss chard the way that I make almost all spring vegetables. It’s absolutely no-fail. Put a bit of olive oil in a skillet and get it hot. Add the chopped up greens with a little bit of kosher salt and pepper and a splash of white wine (or water or stock). Stir the greens and put a lid on the skillet tight. Check them after a few mintues and stir. Cook longer if needed. Finish with a tsp or so of bacon grease and a dash of red pepper flakes.

Add a bottle of our favorite wine–a nice big spicy red plus dining al fresco on the patio, and I’ll take this date night any time over a fancy restaurant.


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