Reverse Meatless Monday: The first "half" week

So far, so good!

I haven’t even noticed that I didn’t eat meat the first half week. I even went out to an in prompto dinner with a group of people, and it was a breeze. The Hubs is doing well, too. He went out to lunch to a “mom n’ pop” pizza joint with coworkers and had veggie pizza, which he likes anyway. It does look like he’s going to have to travel this month for work, and he has little say in the meals since many of them are provided and he’ll be in a group. But I think that while he and I are home and making our own meals or eating out at places where we have choices, we are making a huge impact on our health and the environment, even though we eat meat one day a week.

Hopefully, we are playing a small part in paving the way for more choices and mainstream acceptance of eating less meat, since we’re “voting with our forks.” While, this challenge (experiment) is probably a little more of a committment than the average person would undertake, it wouldn’t hurt anyone to fill up their plates without using meat one meal a week.


Grilled eggplant caprese from
The Meat Lover’s Meatless Cookbook
Fried green tomato sandwich at
The Greenbrier Cafeteria at Tamarack
Grilled peach and mozzarella salad and grilled potaotes and stuffed tomatoes.
Friday night, we were headed to visit both our parents’ homes, so we grabbed a veggie pizza from Pizza Hut. Not the healthiest thing ever, but it was quick and easy. Saturday, I was “yard selling” with my mom and we had a huge lunch of fresh produce. We grilled some squash, new potatoes and onions with olive oil and rosemary. We also had caprese and grilled corn on the cob.
That is exactly why I love this time of year. I could eat fresh tomatoes and corn everyday. But eating seasonably makes me appreciate them more since you just can’t have tomatoes like this in January. It’s just not possible. We’re going to try like hell to enjoy them while they’re here until we’re sick of them.

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