I’m a Mixer!

Guess what!!! I’m going to meet Duff Goldman!

And you can, too!

At Mixed. It’s a food blogger conference coming up right around the corner, November 30th through December 2nd. And, it’s nearby, for me anyway–at the Mountain Lake Resort in Pembroke, Virginia. It’s being hosted by two of the best food bloggers in the land, Susan at She’s Becoming Doughmesstic and Paula at Bell’alimento.

But, hurry! There are only three tickets left! Tickets are $329, but that includes lots of fabulousness. I’m seriously blown away by everything these two lovelies have in store for Mixed. Did I mention you get to meet Duff? Yep. And there’s a limited number of tickets, so it’s not like there’ll be throngs and throngs of Charm City Cake fans to compete with either.

Plus, when you’ve got sponsors like Kitchenaid, OXO, Boos, Stonyfield Organic, Le Creuset, and tons more, you know the swag is going to be crazy good.

In addition to the swag, there are a bunch of drawings for even better stuff like KITCHENAID APPLIANCES. Yes, you heard me right. Appliances!! Two lucky winners will bring home a fancy new stove from Kitchenaid… Or I should say myself and some other lucky person will, cause I’m gonna win, you know. And there are more prizes from Le Creuset, Dixie Crystals, Lucky Leaf, and many other sponsors.

What? You’re not a food blogger, you say?

No worries. You don’t have to be a food blogger or even a blogger to come to this conference. The conference is going to feature sessions led by photographers, videographers, stylists, and editors. Even though the prizes and everything sound awesome, I’m even more super-stoked to learn a lot about how to make my “hobby-when-I-have-free-time-and-remember-to-snap-pics-and-write” blog into something better. Something sleeker. Something that looks a little less “high school graduation project-ish” and more for realz. So, if you’re curious about blogging. Or you like to bake. Or you just wanna hang with people that do those things, buy your ticket. Now.

I mean it.


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