My addiction.

…Aside from good cheese and “Sex And the City” reruns on the Style Network.

It’s recipes that I print off the Internet. I have quite a hefty stack on top of my microwave waiting to be made. The problem is they’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting.

I just can’t help myself. I read a lot of food blogs, and you food bloggers are talented photographers. Everything looks so darn tasty. And Pinterest has only added to my stacks. The worst is browsing pinterest right before lunch. I’d rather be waterboarded.

I’m kidding. I really don’t want to be waterboarded.

I’ve tried to sort them every few months. I throw out ones that seemed like a good idea at the time, but I know I’ll never make. The ones that make the cut, I’ve tried to organize into season, so I can buy the feature ingredients seasonally. And I have a stack of “baking” recipes. Aside from breakfast muffins, I really don’t bake a lot.

I realized this week when I was cleaning my kitchen, that these stacks have gotten out of hand. I need to do something to thin them out. In the past, when I’ve made recipes that I’ve found online, if they are worth repeating, I put them in either a ring bound cookbook that has pages for filling in recipes or a binder that I keep recipes in that I’ve stumbled on over the years. If the recipe is just okay, and I can’t see myself making it again, I just pitch it.

So what if I promise to make five of these recipes each month? Given the size of my stack, if I don’t add any more to them, it’ll only take me 11 and half years… I’ll make them and blog about them and I shall call it … “Project Recipe.” Not very catchy, I know, but it’s simple. I’ll tell you which ones are keepers and which ones to not waste your time on.

I was thinking that I needed a new challenge or something for this blog anyway. I really miss the Dark Days Challenge this year.


9 thoughts on “My addiction.

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