I cannot believe how fast 2013 is flying by. Wasn’t New Year’s like last week???

February is off to a roaring start, and I as get to the busy time of  year with my job, my schedule is definitely becoming more difficult to manage.

So far, this month, I’ve knocked out four PROJECT RECIPE recipes, actually in three meals.


You may not know, but my husband can attest, that I am a nachos connoisseur. What’s not to like? Gooey cheese and guacamole, crispy chips, hot peppers… I found a recipe for nachos that sounded relatively healthy–Crab and Avocado Nachos. Bonus points!

These were so yummy. But I was disappointed when I went to make them because I realized I hadn’t bought the right ingredients. I bought two cans of black beans instead of one can of corn. The corn browned in the skillet with the spices would be so tasty. The recipe was good with black beans, but the corn would kick it up a notch.

How I changed the recipe: I, of course, didn’t have corn, but used black beans instead. Also, I didn’t have any bacon thawed, so I omitted it.

The PROJECT RECIPE verdict: It’s a keeper, especially since I want to try it with the corn. I might even brown the corn with the bacon to get more of the bacony taste in.

For my Meatless Monday meal last week (which almost never falls on a Monday), I made Channa Masala. The Hubs and I really like Indian food, and I’ve been trying to make it at home more. Of course, the restaurant version is always better than mine, but that’s to be expected. This channa masala was a healthy masala recipe, since masala can sometimes have a lot of calories and fat from the cream that is in the sauce.

Here’s the link to the recipe from Prevention Magazine.

How I changed the recipe: I totally added some half and half. However, it was just a little bit, which didn’t bring the calories up too high.


PROJECT RECIPE verdict: I’d definitely make this again. It was a quick and easy (and pretty healthy) meatless meal.

The next PROJECT RECIPE meal I made was another quick and easy Indian meal: Spicy shrimp with chole saag. But I didn’t seem to get a picture.

At any rate, It was pretty tasty. Shrimp are super quick to make. I always buy U.S. wild caught shrimp. I cannot stress how important it is to look at the country of origin, which is required to be on the package, when you buy seafood. Many countries don’t have the same level of food inspections (and even the U.S.’s are sometimes woefully inadequate) as the U.S., and do not employ the most sustainable practices in producing seafood, whether it be farmed or wild-caught. And, if you buy shrimp with the shells on, which I always do, you can make your own shrimp stock with the shells. Sure, you have to peel and clean them yourself, but it doesn’t take too long. Shrimp stock is my secret ingredient in many recipes.

Here’s the link to the spicy shrimp recipe I used. It’s from the Dinner: A Love Story blog, which I found on Pinterest. I thought it was adorable, and this dish is very kid-friendly.

How I changed the recipe: I used coconut oil instead of butter. Coconut oil is recently the darling of nutritionists because of it’s heart healthy fat content. I like it because it’s non-GMO and it imparts a slightly sweet flavor when you use it for cooking. I thought it would be great with the spicy mixture on the shrimp.

With the recipe, I whipped up a quick side dish, chole saag. I found the recipe on the One Hungry Mama blog, and it’s another kid-friendly recipe. The texture is the best part of this dish. The spinach is pureed smooth and creamy and the chickpeas have only the slightest bite. Here’s the link to the recipe.

How I changed the recipe: I halved the recipe and added about 2 tablespoons of goat cheese at the end. I don’t know why I did, I just thought it should have a little more richness and tang. It was delicious. Anything is improved with goat cheese.

The PROJECT RECIPE verdict: Both dishes are a keeper. I seriously had dinner on the table in under 30 minutes with this meal. It’s a super easy and fairly healthy meal. The Hubs even got seconds of the chole saag, which really surprised me.

One more project recipe this month, and I’ll have my quota. Of course, with my job, it’s looking like the next few weeks will hold lots of frozen meals. Good thing I’m stocked up with a couple pans of stuffed shells in the freezer.


One thought on “A #PROJECTRECIPE recap

  1. Love me some chana masala! And, heck yes, nachos are the jam–crab & corn go so well together, I bet the next time you make those nachos it’ll be amazing!

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