The first spring harvest from the Delicious Potager

This makes me so excited!


I pulled these Scarlet Globe radishes Saturday. I planted them on March 30th.

After two straight days of rain, I pulled up another couple handfuls–Plum Purples and more Scarlet Globes. I also planted the Plum Purples on March 30th.

IMG_3072 IMG_3070

The arugula is exploding.


This picture was one morning last week. It is even bigger now with all the rain we’ve had. That is Red Russian kale I have planted in the background, which is also much bigger now, too. It’s big enough to harvest as “baby kale.” But I want to let it get a little bigger. I have Blue Curled Scotch kale planted with the radishes. I have lettuces in another raised bed, both Black Seeded Simpson and a Mesclun mix. The raised bed with the Scarlet Globe radishes has some sand mixed into the soil, because that is where I have planted carrots in the past. I have beets planted along the radishes in that bed now.

I was hoping to be finished with all the spring vegetables by Mother’s Day so I could put in peppers, tomatoes, summer squash and cucumbers, but it looks like the spring vegetables are just at the start of really coming in, so I’ll probably have to wait at least another week.

Vegetables aren’t the only things coming to life in the backyard.


This year, my irises have been absolutely stunning.



Most of the blooms opened just in time for the heavy rain we’ve had the past few days. Great for my vegetables, not ideal for delicate iris blooms. Last night, only one plant had fallen over, but most of the blooms were crushed a little by the rain. I planted these two years ago, and I probably have twice as many this year and I did last year. They were definitely enjoyed in their short season.


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