A coconut oil giveaway! Because everyone loves free stuff.

Every time I get an email or a little notice from WordPress saying I have a new follower, I am just completely bowled over. I was thinking that I should show my appreciation by giving you guys a little gift. 

I have been thinking about doing a giveaway for a long time. But I was having a hard time trying to decide WHAT to giveaway. Last night, I was cooking dinner; making “Beef” and Broccoli. And it hit me as I was scooping coconut oil into my wok, and rubbing a little on my elbows as I stood at the stove. This is what I would give away.


I’m giving away a 16-ounce container of Nature’s Way Extra Virgin Coconut Oil because I LOVE this stuff and more people should know how great it is.

I’ve been using for a little over a year for everything from stir-fry to greasing baking pans to baking.


Coconut oil in a hot wok: The start of a great Asian meal.

It’s perfect for stir-fry because coconut oil can withstand very high heat without burning or smoking, unlike olive oil. The only other easily available oil that can do that is canola, and I’ve stopped using it because it’s exclusively made from GMO crops. It imparts a slight sweet coconutty taste, so it’s perfect for Asian cuisine that relies heavily on coconuts in recipes. It generally has the consistency of shortening, but turns to liquid very quickly (sometimes in a very warm room). I’ve learned that when baking, you must have your cold ingredients like eggs or milk at room temperature, or they will harden the coconut oil back into solid form. But other than that, use it just like oil or butter called for in the recipe. It’s also the best thing I’ve found for greasing muffin, loaf and cake pans. When you’re finished greasing the pans, just rub what’s leftover on your hands or elbows–it’s also used for for skin care (says so right on the label). In fact, many people use it daily in place of lotion.

Coconut oil is so healthy too. It’s very high in saturated fat, but not to worry, it’s the healthy kind of fat. The kind of fat that lowers your cholesterol, boosts your immune system and gives your metabolism a little kick.

Seriously, what’s not to love about this stuff?


So enough about how great this stuff is! How do you win?

Subscribe to this blog and leave a comment below for one entry. Tweet a link to this blog entry and leave a comment telling me you did for a second entry. And share this blog entry on Facebook and comment telling me you did for a third entry. The giveaway closes at 12:01 am, June 19th. I’ll use Randomizer.org  to pick a winner and I’ll announce the lucky commenter that day.

The Fine Print: Sorry, this giveaway is open to US addresses only. I love Nature’s Way Coconut Oil so this giveaway is sponsored exclusively by ME. The company has in no way sponsored or is representative of this post.

Good luck!


8 thoughts on “A coconut oil giveaway! Because everyone loves free stuff.

  1. Isn’t coconut oil just the best?! I have to buy jars of it at Trader Joe’s whenever I’m in a town with one. Couldn’t live without it. 🙂

    Can’t figure out how to “subscribe” via WordPress, but you are in my Feedly. Fun first giveaway!

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