PROJECT RECIPE: Whole Wheat “Pop Tarts”

I am constantly searching for recipes to shake up the weekday breakfast routine at my house. It has to be something you can eat on the way out the door and something the Hubs likes. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut with berry muffins and quick bread.

Some time last year, I found a couple recipes for homemade toaster pastries, aka “Pop Tarts.” I remember thinking that it would be a great way to move all the jam I seem to pile up every summer. One of the recipes I found was from one of my all-time favorite food blogs, 100 Days of Real Food. I’ve recommended Lisa’s blog to at least a dozen people. She shows us that even if you’re a novice when it comes to eating natural whole foods, it’s not hard, even if you have two small children. I’ve never met her or her kids, but I only hope that many people take her advice to heart and we can raise a generation of eaters that demand good whole foods. It gives me hope that somehow we can turn the tide on childhood obesity and chronic disease brought on by our “SAD” lifestyle. Fittingly, “SAD” stands for Standard American Diet.

Ok, back to the recipe. I hate this, but…

PROJECT RECIPE verdict: This recipe is NOT a keeper. The Hubs tried one this morning, and I think he finished it out of concern for my feelings, but these weren’t a hit at all.


But, here are a couple disclaimers. First, my whole wheat flour is more coarse that what you buy at the local grocery store because I get it from a mill that still uses a creek to and a huge stone to make flour. It really has a lot of texture, which is great for making quick breads, but not smooth pastries like pies. Secondly, the recipe uses a food processor to make the dough. I don’t have a food processor. I make my pie dough (this is basically a pie dough) by hand with a pastry cutter. Making it with a food processor is exponentially easier than making it by hand. I had trouble with this dough from the get go, and I think it would have turned out better had I used exclusively all-purpose flour and, I’m sure using a food processor yields better results.

When I was mixing up the dough, it seemed like there was too much butter in them. It could have been that my flour didn’t blend well (because of it’s coarseness). And when I baked them, I was sure there was too much butter in the recipe, since it ran out of the pastries and kinda pooled around them. They never really got crispy and flaky, even after baking them for longer than stated.

How I changed the recipe as written: I subbed half of the whole wheat for regular (stone ground sifted) flour because my flour is so coarse.

I’m not done toying around with this concept. I do think I’ll try these again, but I’ll use a regular pie crust recipe and add a little sugar to the dough.

Like I said, I absolutely love this blog. It is a great resource for all sorts of info on eating healthy. I especially like her recommendations on what kind pantry staples she buys. And she has some great posts about packing lunches for school children to take to school. Please go check it out and see what you can learn!


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