PROJECT RECIPE: Food Babe’s Mexican Pizza

I adore The Food Babe.

Never heard of her? Let me turn you on! Go to her blog ASAP. She has so much helpful info on being healthy. It runs the gamut. From avoiding GMOs to picking the right sunscreen. One of my favorite posts she has written was on how to eat healthy when you travel. I have looked over that one the past couple times I’ve gone on vacation.

I’ve made a few of the recipes on her blog since I’ve been following, and last week, I tried another, Mexican Pizza.

It did not disappoint. Of course, I wasn’t worried that it would, though.


PROJECT RECIPE verdict: Keeper! It was so easy to make. This is a great dinner for those hectic evenings when you are thinking about picking up take out. This is SO much better for you. Healthy, fast and cheap. It’s a no-brainer!

How I changed the recipe: I didn’t have sprouted corn tortillas. I had flour tortillas. I omitted the slices of jalepeno, too. I also used queso fresco instead of goat cheese.

These Mexican pizzas were so filling and tasty. They are practically a superfood on their own with black beans and avocados on them.


I’m a huge fan of her Thai Rice Bowl, too. That stuff is seriously addicting. I could eat it by the bowl full.

At any rate, get over to her site now and check out the Mexican Pizza. If you’re new to the eating healthy game, this website is a great place to get your bearings when it comes to knowing what products and companies to trust, GMOs, juicing, etc. I highly recommend her!


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