Tomato Week

The Discovery Channel has shark week. I have tomato week.

I love this time of year, because I LOVE tomatoes. But just any kind of tomato will not do. Mealy styrofoam-tasting grocery store tomatoes? I’ll pass. Give me a just barely overripe garden grown heirloom tomato and I get starry eyed. Yummy.

And this time of year, you have all the tomatoes you could ever want. At one time. It’s like treading water to just keep up with the avalanche of tomatoes when they start coming in. I put up as many as I can–canning them in halves and by making salsa. But I love to make tomatoey dishes and use them fresh as much as I can, too.

So, that’s what I’m doing this week. Here’s a taste of what I’ve made:

Pasta with Golden Tomato Sauce


I put a handful of fresh spinach in my sauce to make it healthier and more colorful. I’ve made this a number of times and you just want to gobble it up as fast as you can get it to your mouth.

Fried Green Tomatoes

This is a really CRAPPY picture. But, hey, I was hungry.

This is a really CRAPPY picture. But, hey, I was hungry.

Roasted Tomato Soup

I don’t have a picture because I couldn’t remember to take one before I ate it. And now it’s all gone. Ooops.

Caprese practically at every meal

And this.


Still this many left after canning six quarts.




2 thoughts on “Tomato Week

  1. will have to enjoy watching you this year the Tomatos here are getting to much rain so they are getting blight and blossom end rot faster then other years…. I will have enought to cook fresh and make some wonderful salads but no canning here … wish me luck next year

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