PROJECT RECIPE: Mini Pepper Chicken Nachos

I got this recipe for Mini Pepper Chicken Nachos a while back from some friends (Hi, Chris and Jane!). They suggested I try it for the blog, but I wanted to wait until peppers were in season at the farmers market. I think there are few things more sensory than the farmers market this time of year. Neat stacks of yellow, purple, green and bright red tomatoes, bins of pink and white dried beans, shiny soft-ball sized eggplants, and piles and piles of peppers–hot and sweet, long and skinny and short and blocky.

The Capitol Market doesn’t carry the mini peppers the recipe called for, but I knew I could use some sweet gypsy or marconi peppers that they do sell. I sliced them in half and cut each half in two or three pieces to get roughly the same size as the mini peppers.


The recipe is from the blog, “Heat Oven to 350,” which is an adorable blog full of beautiful pictures of everything from main dishes to dresser makeovers. I love Nicole’s philosophy that food should 1) taste good and 2) be made from scratch. Me, too!



PROJECT RECIPE verdict: Keeper! For three reasons: 1) these “nachos” were so easy to throw together for a quick weeknight meal; 2) they are infinitely adaptable–you could use different cheeses/vegetable/protein combos (I was thinking how great they would be with black beans in place of the chicken); 3) they are healthier than traditional nachos with tortilla chips-super low fat!

That’s a grand slam in my book. The most important thing is that they were so tasty, too. We had some leftover, and they were even better the next day after the flavors hung out together for several hours.

How I changed the recipe: I didn’t use cheddar cheese, I used some queso fresca that I had on hand. They would have been awesome with cheddar cheese, though. I also didn’t put any black olives on them, because the Hubs doesn’t like black olives. I meant to dice up and avocado for them, but I totally forgot. That would have been really good.

I can’t wait to make them again while peppers are still in season, and change them up a little. Maybe black beans and cheddar cheese with that avocado I still have. Hmm…


2 thoughts on “PROJECT RECIPE: Mini Pepper Chicken Nachos

  1. Wait, the peppers act as tortilla chips?! I adore this idea!! Definitely need to try it out with the plethora of banana peppers I’m getting from garden lately.

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