PROJECT RECIPE: Chicken Pot Pie Soup

*I finally got the pics to upload. Enjoy!

I love pot pie. Who doesn’t? Seriously, show me one person who doesn’t.

I found this recipe for Chicken Pot Pie Soup on the Chez Us blog, and I was sold. Except instead of using chicken, I had something else in mind for this recipe.


Remember last spring when the Hubs killed that turkey? I had about a pound of diced thigh and leg meat in the freezer that was begging to be used in soup or somthig. That big tom was a little tough. Wild turkey seems to be a little drier and tougher than Butterball. Soup is the perfect way to use it.


PROJECT RECIPE verdict: Keeper! The Hubs and I agreed that this soup is pretty much just like eating pot pie. Except it gets to the table quicker. This was a great weeknight meal. The only thing that would have made this better is if it would have been soup weather. It is still a little warm for soup around here.

How I changed the recipe: I used turkey instead of chicken, obviously. Also, I added some extra spices: thyme and a little garlic.

I met Denise and Lenny, the adorable couple behind Chez Us last fall at the Mixed Conference. They are going to be hosting a session again this year at Mixed Con. Seriously, click the link and get your tickets now! You will not regret it. Not only do you get sessions chocked full of food blogging tips and advice, you get the most awesome swag bag, and you get to network with some truly wonderful folks who all share the same passion as you–food!


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