PROJECT RECIPE: Bean and Beer Chili

I’ve mentioned how much I love the blog, Thug Kitchen, here before.

It’s so funny. Probably because that’s how I sound in my head. In my inside voice.

When I read through this recipe for Bean and Beer Chili a couple weeks ago, I knew it was destined to be a “Meatless Monday” meal. And this past Monday was the first day that actually felt like soup weather in a long time. Score!


This chili was so tasty and chock full of veggies. It passed the test of the carnivore palate of the Hubs. And really, there are so many veggies in it, there’s no room left for meat.

PROJECT RECIPE verdict: Keeper! It was nice to change up our usual chili recipe. We’ve been making it the same way for years. Now we have a meatless version that doesn’t use vegetable juice (full of sodium). It’s a totally clean eating version. Except maybe for the beer.

How I changed the recipe: I used a whole beer, plus a half cup of water, and omitted the vegetable stock. I did this because I opened the beer for the 1 cup the recipe calls for, and it was really late, and I didn’t want to drink the rest or waste it. So I just dumped the whole thing in. It was a Magic Hat Howl black lager, by the way. You understand now why I didn’t want to just dump it out. That would be alcohol abuse. I also didn’t put in optional hominy or corn. I could have, but it seemed pretty chunky already when I got to that step of the recipe. I also made it in my crockpot instead of on the stove top. It worked just fine. I even used dried kidney beans, instead of canned. No problema!

I make awesome cornbread. (I also toot my own horn from time to time.) Seriously, I look for reasons to make it. It was perfect crumbled up with this chili scooped over it and topped with a little cheese.

This recipe is just in time for soup weather and football tailgates. I would recommend it for vegetarians or carnivores alike! I might even make it for a tailgate and see if anyone notices there is no meat in it. I’ll bet they don’t. I’m definitely going to keep it in my rotation to mix up an old comfort food routine for chili night at our house.


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