PROJECT RECIPE: Crunchy Black Bean Tacos

Any time I see the words crunchy and cheese in the same sentence, my stomach starts growling a little. So you can see why I pinned this recipe on Pinterest for Crunchy Black Bean Tacos from Endless Simmer. Let’s just get it out of the way: These. Were. Amazing. They did not disappoint my cheesy crunchy cravings.

Seriously. This is for real. I’m usually kinda passive about pushing recipes I try in PROJECT RECIPE, but these crunchy cheesy tacos warrant agressive action. Click the link. Print the recipe. Make these tacos!

IMG_3828 PROJECT RECIPE verdict: Def a keeper! Gawd, these were so tasty. I could’ve eaten them all, but I held off at two. Actually, they were very fililng. All that healthy bean fiber. Good stuff. Also, they were pretty quick to make. Which was clutch since I had to work late, and was starving when I got home. I had them on a plate in about 30 minutes, but it would’ve been quicker if I would have cut a few corners.

How I changed the recipe: I substituted a few things to give these my own spin. I used green onions because I didn’t have any red onions and I had a bunch of green ones that needed used or I would have to throw them out. I also used coconut oil instead of olive oil because I thought it would give them a nice sweet flavor. Which it did, and that mixed nicely with the smoked paprika I substituted for regular. Smokey sweet crunchy goodness. I also just used regular monterey jack instead of pepper jack.

The one thing they were missing was something spicy. Next time, I’ll add a dash or two of cayenne pepper when I add the other spices.


A pastry cutter was perfect for mashing up the beans with the onions and cilantro.


Literally, the hardest thing about making these tacos was flipping them. It was a little unwieldy to do it carefully without burning my fingers or spilling out all the filling. The second hardest thing was waiting for them to get done.


This may be the best recipe I’ve made in PROJECT RECIPE. I’m not even exaggerating. They were that good. You definitely need to try these. The Hubs is not a big fan of black beans, but he’s out of town for work. I think he might actually  like these, though. Seriously, they’re spicy, cheesy and crunchy, and totally addictive. I cannot wait for lunch, just so I can have the leftovers.


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