PROJECT RECIPE: Quinoa and Kale Stuffed Squash

038I have been searching for my “go to” recipe for acorn squash for the last few years. I love to see them at the farmers market. They are so little and cute and festive for fall. I’m sure some people buy them only for decoration on their porches with other odd and colorful winter squash. I just eat them.

I found this recipe for quinoa and kale stuffed squash on Pinterest. I have a “Meatless Monday” board. There are tons of recipe ideas out there if you are looking for inspiration for vegetarian dishes. There are tons of reasons to eat less meat like your health, the environment or your wallet, and Meatless Monday is a fun and easy way to do it.

PROJECT RECIPE verdict: Eh. Probably not a keeper. I love pretty much all the components of this dish. I love kale, winter squash ย and chic peas because they are so delicious. I love quinoa because it is so healthy and high in protein. I love white cheddar, cause, well, I just love cheese. But mixed together, they were just okay. Nothing special, really. It seemed a little ho-hum. I was dubious about the maple syrup and cinnamon, but the taste isn’t overwhelming. Just a little hint in the background.

How I changed the recipe: I really didn’t, except for I accidentally put too much cinnamon in it. I had a little mishap and too much came out of the canister over the skillet. It really didn’t seem to be overly cinnamon-y, thank goodness. If I were going to make it again, I would probably cut the filling by half-ish and double the cheese. I did actually double the cheese for the top. But I would have mixed the extra cheese through the filling. It was the best part. and the bites that you got some of the cheese in were actually pretty good, but it wasn’t in every bite.

Last fall, I made roasted acorn squash with Burrata and fried sage leaves, and I think I liked that recipe using acorn squash better than this one. This was a great Meatless Monday recipe, though. And I’m sure it was super healthy, although I didn’t calculate the nutrition information. The quinoa and chic peas make it high in protein and healthy fiber. The acorn squash is a good source of beta carotene, too. It was very filling, and a nice cool-weather fall dinner. But I’m still looking for that “go-to” recipe for acorn squash when they come in season.


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