Duck, duck, goo… er, Tikka Masala!

I mentioned earlier this week that I was making dinners based on what I had in the freezer that needed to move.  A couple of the Hubs’s coworkers are avid duck hunters, and sent us several packages of duck breast from their last hunt of the year. I was tickled to death that they thought of us when they were thinking about  who might like some of the meat from the ducks they’d brought home.


There are a handful of packages, each with one or two breasts in them. Skinned. Most recipes for duck hinge on duck breast with skin still on, showcasing that delicious crispy, fatty, beautiful thing that is duck skin. But my Afield cookbook has a number of recipes for duck breast without the skin. Seriously, that cookbook is quickly becoming indispensable to me. I’ve used it a lot since I used it the first time last spring.  Any by the way, look how beautiful these cuts of meat are. Gorgeous.


Okay, maybe I’m the only person who thinks that uncooked duck breasts lying on a cutting board a gorgeous. But they are.

I’ve mentioned before, that we’re fans of Indian food. There are a couple good places to eat here in town that we like to visit, but I also make it at home frequently.  So, the Duck Tikka Masala recipe was a no-brainer for me when I was searching for duck recipes.  This recipe was a little strange in that, it said to marinate the meat overnight (ok, no prob) then, broil it on a sheet pan for about 8 minutes under the broiler (hmmm… odd, but I’ll try it). You made the tikka masala sauce separately in a skillet, and added the broiled duck meat after it was done and beginning to brown. This worked okay, actually. The meat got a little browned and a nice crust on some of the pieces. We tried one as we took the pan out of the oven. A little gamey, but really delicious–there’s not really another type of meat to compare it to.

One thing that I’ll likely do differently next time is use less cayenne. The recipe called for 2 teaspoons, in addition to the garam masala (which I made myself–it’s easy). It was a little on the hot side. I like my food a little spicy, but this was a bit much.


I have another recipe–Duck Yakitori– from this cookbook flagged for later this month as I continue to work my way through some of the packages from the freezer. I can’t wait to try that one.


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