PROJECT RECIPE: Steak Sandwiches


This meal is a byproduct  of my continued freezer clean-out. Of the half a beef we bought last fall, we have eaten most of the stew meat and a good bit of the steaks. We have plenty of hamburger left (which I’ll use more of this summer), but we have a ton of packages of cube steak left. I have made chicken-fried steak twice, but that’s getting old.  I needed something else to make using cube steak. That’s the beauty of the internet, and particularly Pinterest. Searching for cube steak recipes on Pinterest didn’t take long until I found one I had everything I needed to make. And that wasn’t chicken-fried steak. (Seems that is the most popular thing to do with this humble cut.)

For those following along a home, cube steak is usually top round steaks that have been tenderized. It’s an economical cut of meat, and cooks quickly–making it perfect for a quick and easy weeknight dinner.

I found this recipe on Pinterest for Cheese Steak Sandwiches. It’s from the LOL Foodie blog, which I think is no longer active, but nonetheless, there are some really tasty looking recipes on it. This is not an authentic Philly cheesesteak. I’ve made those before. But this is a pretty bangin steak sandwich with cheese, and a good way to use cube steak.


PROJECT RECIPE verdict: The Hubs says keeper. I was more ambivalent. It was really quick and easy, and tasty–for that matter. And I got half a package of mozzarella cheese, some hoagie buns and a package of cube steak out of the freezer. The worcestershire sauce was a nice touch, but go easy on salting the meat, as the sauce does add some saltiness.

How I changed the recipe: I used 2 Tb of butter plus 1 Tb extra virgin olive oil, because 4 Tb of butter seemed like a lot. This was plenty. I also had slices of mozzarella cheese. Fresh mozzarella (sold in a ball) would have been better as it does melt better and is creamier, I think. But like I said, I was using up what I had on hand.


We added some hot peppers I canned in tomato sauce–the perfect topper for this sandwich.


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