PROJECT RECIPE: Kale and Ricotta Pasta

Anytime I see kale in a recipe, I’m in. It’s my favorite vegetable. I’d had this recipe printed for quite sometime, but just had never gotten around to making it. I’m not making much progress in that big binder of recipes I find on food blogs, because for each one I make, I find three more. And now there’s Pinterest. I have so many good recipes I want to make. Someday.

I found this recipe for Kale and Ricotta Pasta on one of the blogs I follow regularly, Baked Bree. I met Bree at Mixed Con a few years ago, and learned a ton in her photography session. Her attention to detail comes through in her beautiful pictures. I’d encourage you to visit her blog for that alone, even if you aren’t interested in the recipes themselves.

Of course, mine isn’t nearly as pretty as hers. But it was so yummy.


PROJECT RECIPE verdict: Keeper! I want to make it again, but differently. I need to tweak a couple things, that I changed when I made it. The lemon is what really makes this dish. Without it, it would be just ho-hum, but it gives it a little zing.

How I changed the recipe: I didn’t have penne. I had half a pound of ziti, but the recipe calls for a whole pound of pasta. I should have used the half pound of ziti. A whole pound of macaroni makes a lot of pasta. Too much pasta. Also, I used a lemon that I had scraped a couple teaspoons of zest from for another recipe. I would definitely use more zest next time I make this. I also didn’t have pistachios, so I omitted them. I might try that next time.



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