I got a Liebster Award!

I got the ultimate shout-out in the blogging world this week–recognition from a fellow blogger in the form of a Liebster Award.

Image credit: Mountain Mama blog

Image credit: Mountain Mama blog

In case you are wondering, Liebster Awards are basically a recognition from another blogger that says “Hey, I read this blog, and I think you should, too.” Kind of like an endorsement. But the best kind of endorsement, because it is from someone who knows how hard and fun doing a blog the right way is. How hard it is to find the time to keep up with posts, keep coming up with ideas to write about, boosting readership (if that’s your goal), and doing all the tech stuff that you have to learn how do do on your own. (Trust me, I wish I had an IT department that could do all of it for me). But bloggers also know how nice it is to hear that someone reads your blog, that they’ve tried a recipe or they got an idea from your blog, and that they’ve endorsed your blog to their readers.

Liebster Awards are meant as a way to recognize small or emerging bloggers, and hopefully help them grow their blogs.  Part of the Liebster Award is to answer a series of questions to introduce yourself to your readers and potential new readers.

I was nominated by Jolynn at MountainMama. I don’t remember how I found her blog to begin with, but I am a regular reader. She’s in West Virginia! When I see bloggers in West Virginia (all 2 or 3 of them I’ve stumbled on) I have to check them out.

1.  Where were you born? I was born in Charleston, WV, where I live now. But I haven’t always lived here.

2. What is your favorite food? Guacamole, blue cheese, smoked salmon, oysters

3. What is your favorite season? Summer. The days are so long. And I love the outdoors.

4. What is your favorite Hobby ( besides blogging)? yoga and cooking

5. What kind of home do you live in? A cookie-cutter mid-entry. It’s hard to do much with the way it looks on the outside, but inside I’ve tried to decorate it a little eclectically. It has a fantastic backyard. Perfect for my delicious potager.

6. What kind of animals do you have? An old cat

7. Have you always liked writing ? Yes, except for English classes when I was being graded on it.

8. When did you start blogging? 2009. Wow. It’s been 5 years. Hard to believe.

9. Why did you start blogging? I started blogging not long after we bought our house. My blog was about our house; decorating and remodeling and DIY projects. I wanted to show the “before and afters” off. I realized that I kept having an urge to write about what I was cooking and eating. So I started my current blog, Delicious Potager. My old blog about my house was called Keepin’ Up with the Joneses. The site is still up. http://www.jennelleandjeremy.blogspot.com

10. Are you an Introvert or an Extrovert? It depends on who I’m around. At the grocery store? I’ll talk to anybody. Total strangers; doesn’t matter. When I’m in a group of women right around my own age that I don’t know I usually clam up. I don’t know why. Makes me nervous.

11. Are you married or single? Married

So, here are 10 blogs that I read regularly with around 200 or fewer readers. You should definitely check them out, as some I get a lot of good inspiration from, and some I just really enjoy reading.

Chiot’s Run – I’ve followed Suzy’s blog for almost as long as I’ve been blogging. I found it through participating in the Dark Days Challenge a few years back. Her posts about Dexter the cat are my favorite ones, but she posts about gardening and the farm she and her husband just bought in Maine, including the animals. Also worth listening to is her podcast series called “Cultivate Simple.”

I Run These Towns – Okay, this is someone I actually know in real life–Samantha, my college debate team partner. She lives in Michigan now where she works as an advocate for cities. Her biggest hobby is running, and her blog chronicles races she does around Michigan and around the country and her travels. She always finds the best places to see, eat and grab a drink in any city she visits–she really knows her blog subject matter!

The Beeroness – I just found this blog recently. It’s all about cooking with beer, which is seriously right up my alley. I love beer and I love to cook and eat. I’ve tried a handful of recipes from the site, and they’ve all been amazing. So much so, that I always tweet Jackie when I do, letting her know. She has a cookbook out now, which I don’t own, but I would really like to.

Better After – Because let’s face it, we all love to see the “before” and “after” pictures from home decorating and improvement projects. People from all over the country email pics of the projects they’ve done with a little explanation, and Lindsay puts them on her blog.  I haven’t attempted any of these projects myself yet, but I’ve pinned quite a few to try someday.

The Year of Simplicity – Jennifer just started blogging, but I read every single post in one afternoon, and it’s literally like binge-watching a tv show you really love. I can’t wait to see what her next post will be. The concept is to try and not buy anything for an entire year that’s not on sale or secondhand (aside from food and necessities like that) and just enjoy the simple things in life more. I love that idea. She’s had some amazing how-to’s for making body butter and posted some mouthwatering family recipes. I should note, this is also someone I know in “real-life,” her husband and her were both law school classmates of mine.

Oh My Veggies – another blog I only recently found–actually through Pinterest. The blog is maintained by a team of five lovely veggie lovers, and features vegetarian and vegan recipes. The pictures are STUNNING. I want to eat everything they post, and I’ve pinned a ton of the recipes to try.

A Proper Bostonian – I am a sucker for pictures of cats on the internet. Show me one person who is not. And, I have a love affair with the city of Boston after visiting there a few years back. This blog is just the everyday doings of a cat-lover and her pack of cats, sprinkled with all sorts of stuff like fashion, travel, and current events.

Eating Appalachia – Two years ago, I went to Mixed Con for the first time. It’s a food blogger conference just over the border in Virginia. I met dozens of talented food bloggers from the region that write about all kinds of food and cooking. Jes of Eating Appalachia is not only a talented food blogger that I met, she also takes amazing photos. I love that she blogs about regional food, and has the same food philosophy that I do. Her posts about her trip to Spain last year are a must read!

Nik Snacks – Nikki Miller-Ka, the lady behind Nik Snacks, is also someone I know in “real life.” I met her at Mixed also, and she is just one of those people that you can’t not met. She is just magnetic and funny and entertaining, and it comes through on her blog. She is a private chef, whose star is on the rise in the Triad area of North Carolina. She does restaurant reviews and covers local food events in the area, as well as has lots of seasonal recipes on her blog. It’s a fun ride to follow along with her food adventures.

You should definitely check out these blogs if you get a chance. It’s so nice to see that someone stumbled on your blog and read some of it. I started doing this because I enjoyed reading food blogs and felt inspired by what I read and saw. The best reward has been becoming a part of this big cyber community of folks with similar interests. Sometimes it just makes your day to hear that someone else is reading along with your weekly musings about whatever it is you’re writing about.


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