‘This must be pepper weather.

I tend to think of peppers as a mid to late summer vegetable. Like an August vegetable. But this year, they are already ripe and ready to eat.

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It could be the hot and wet summer we’ve been having. Just look at how they’re going! The pot on my patio is a golden marconi. I have some bell peppers in my raised beds. I planted all sweet this year because my father-in-law planted all hot. We figured we’d just swap. My father-in-law said he already has a “mess” of jalapenos.

Salsa season is coming early, friends.

I couldn’t resist getting some more pics of my garden. It looks amazing, with all the rain and hot weather.


Every year, I am surprised by what vegetables do well. It’s never been the same from year to year. I’ve never had any luck with swiss chard, but this year, its blowin up. I’ve already had some for dinner, wilted with white wine and hit with some red pepper flakes and kosher salt. Tastes even better since I grew it myself.


This is a volunteer roma tomato. I always have a handful of tomato volunteers where I mix in my compost. I compost tomato seeds when I chop them, and I consider this a freebie. One thing I’ve never done before is to thin out my volunteers, and I’ve never gotten more than a handful of tomatoes from them. I thinned them to about 18 inches apart, so maybe this year, I’ll get many more tomatoes. I left four plants behind in my raised beds where I planted the spinach and asparagus and carrots and beets earlier this year.


I have two hills each of cucumbers, zucchini and yellow squash. They are looking robust and full of blooms. They’re probably a little behind schedule, but it shouldn’t be much longer.


The kale is still even alive–it’s a little late in the season for it, as it does not do well in hot weather. I could be very bitter by now since I’ve let this go so late, but maybe not. It’s not very big, so that could help. I need to harvest it this week, though.

076 082

The bee balm is blooming now. I have a couple plants that I have spread apart in my flower bed. It smells amazing. Not just when it’s blooming, but it’s the leaves that smell just like earl grey tea. It is actually known as wild bergamot, and bergamot is what gives earl grey tea it’s distinctive flavor. The echinacea is also blooming. I put this plant in about three years ago, and it has only ever had a couple blooms. This year, it’s full of blooms. I should probably divide up the roots this fall and replant them. These plants are things that I can use in the kitchen–they’re best known as herbs you can use in tea. But I haven’t ever tried it. Maybe I should give it a try this year.

I cannot wait to make some stuffed peppers or salsa with these fresh peppers. It sounds like it’s going to be a very long and fruitful season for peppers, which suits me just fine.


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