Fried Green Tomato Sandwiches from The Greenbrier

Earlier this week, I went to watch the Greenbrier Classic at the historic Greenbrier resort in White Sulphur Springs, WV. Not familiar? Just flip on the Golf Channel or CBS (on Saturday and Sunday) this weekend. It’s a fantastic showcase of the historic luxury resort, its breathtaking golf course, and the beauty of West Virginia.

I love The Greenbrier. Who wouldn’t? The last few years, since it has been under new management, it has taken huge steps to become more accessible to the average West Virginian. Last winter, my mom and I stayed there and enjoyed the world-class mineral spa on a discounted package designed for only either West Virginia and Virginia (its very close to the border) residents. And since the Classic has become an established PGA event, the weekly badge price has dropped substantially. I think it’s a steal.

Since we started going to the Classic a few years ago, my favorite thing about the golf tournament is getting a fried green tomato sandwich from the concession stand. My brother-in-law first told us about them. They went the year before we started going. Of course concession stand prices are inflated for events like this, but he said he was scanning the list of offerings and a grilled chicken breast sandwich was something like nine bucks, and the Greenbrier’s signature fried green tomato sandwich was $1.75. He picked it out of value alone, but realized it was probably the best thing on the menu. Fried green tomatoes on a soft bun with pancetta, arugula, goat cheese and garlic aioli is pretty hard to beat. Doesn’t that sound amazing?


I was never a huge fan of fried green tomatoes before trying the sandwich. I could take them or leave them. But it didn’t take long for this sandwich to be haunting my dreams in the nights leading up to and right after the golf tournament. A couple years ago, I did a restaurant redo of the sandwich, and I’ve since kept it in regular rotation for dinner through the spring and summer when fried green tomatoes are available. Here’s the link to my original post.

There isn’t really a recipe here. Basically, just fry some green tomatoes. Here’s my recipe from June of last year. The main thing to remember to get crispy tomatoes is to not move them around the pan much once you start frying them. Basically, all you need to do after you fry the bacon and the tomatoes is slap them on a soft bun like brioche, add some arugula, goat cheese and some mayo. If you want to get real fancy, you can make your own garlic aioli, but mayo is cool with me.

If you get a chance to visit The Greenbrier Classic, you must get the fried green tomato sandwich.  If you can’t make it, try them at home. They’re super easy and simple. They make a great quick dinner. If you’re used to eating fried green tomatoes plain, you’ll definitely love them on a sandwich with goat cheese and bacon.


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