Recipe Reality Check

One thing I’ve learned since I started this food blog, is that food bloggers have all sorts of approaches to writing. Some of us blog with a particular subject in our mind, formulating and outlining an idea before sitting in front of a keyboard. Some of us cook or make things just to take pictures of and write about, and sometimes that food gets eaten, sometimes not. Some of us plan posts weeks in advance. There really is no wrong way to do this.

Except maybe this way…


Yeah. This was supposed to by my post about squash fritters with a recipe. I have a bunch of summer squash, and I’ve made them like this before, but last night, it wasn’t meant to be. They stuck to the bottom of the pan horribly and fell when I tried to flip them. We still ate them, though. The Hubs called them “squash hash.” I had a lovely tzatziki sauce made that we spooned over them. They tasted fine, but they weren’t squash “fritters.”

You see, I don’t plan blog posts any more than I plan what I’m going to make for dinner. If I’m making something I feel particularly inspired by, and it’s appropriate for a blog entry, I snap a few pics of the process. Then I try to put it in a pretty plate and stage it, all while a hungry Hubs looks on impatiently while I snap a few pics with my iPhone of dinner. Then, we eat. The whole photo shoot is over in less than two minutes.

But sometimes recipes flop. Don’t be fooled by all the pretty pics you see on Pinterest or Instagram of food bloggers’ food. For every beautiful shot of mouth-watering food “porn”, there is a lot of work that goes into it. More so than my shots, I’m sure. And sometimes, despite your best efforts, the final products just don’t materialize how you expected.

Which is why you get a post like this from me instead of a lovely post about summer squash and a recipe showing you something you can make when you’re hit with the inevitable summer bumper crop that happens every year.

I’ll post one eventually, I promise. But for now, this recipe still needs work.


2 thoughts on “Recipe Reality Check

  1. Too funny! My hub wants a squash casserole. You know the kind filled with cheese and butter…I hope to make it before this stuff goes bad. I also have fresh peaches for a pie. If I don’t get time, they are going in a blender with some rum! Cheers.

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