The Last of the Blackberry Harvest

Earlier this week, the Hubs and I took my mom to pick blackberries. The Hubs has a great spot in an area where he hunts that has more blackberries than I’ve ever seen, year in and year out. I’m not telling anyone where it is.  Actually, I don’t think I could tell you how to get there if I wanted to.

At any rate, the berries started getting ripe and ready to pick right around the middle of July. We picked them then, and got almost three gallons in a little over an hour. My father-in-law likes to get up early Saturday mornings and head into the woods to walk around and see what he can find. In July, when the berries were ripe, he must’ve picked more than ten gallons. One day alone he picked seven gallons. Most of them he gives away. That’s way more berries than anyone person could eat anyway.

So, we decided to make one last run at this year’s blackberries. My mom wanted some fresh berries, and I had frozen almost all of what I had already picked.


Mainly, what was left were the berries that were in the shade. Mostly, they were pretty big and ripe and sweet. There were a few puny ones here and there. Overall, there wasn’t much left at all. Each of the three of us got a quart in about ten minutes, right as it started to rain. Oh well, I guess we’ll have to wait a year for another batch of fresh berries.

In the meantime, I have several quarts frozen, and I shared with my mom. I also made a batch of blackberry jam with what I picked before. That will have to do us until next year. And, the blueberries at my mom’s house are starting to be ready to pick. So, we’re not going to be without fresh berries.



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