Deer Devastation

After being away from home for a week, I couldn’t wait to see what was growing in my garden. Before I left, I was picking about four or five cucumbers every couple days from the two hills I planted, and had half a dozen or so tiny ones that I knew would be ready to pick when I got back. I also harvest some of the outer leaves of the swiss chard that was rebounding from the last time the deer sampled it. The tomato plants were full of green tomatoes and the peppers were just coming on. The peas I planted for the fall were up and starting to trellis us the chain link fence I planted them in front of.

The sight I saw when I came back was pretty much heartbreaking. It was just about all gone.


The sad skeleton of a tomato plant.


Not only did the eat the swiss chard down to the roots, they tromped through the beds smashing what they didn’t eat.


What’s left of the hills of cucumbers.


The stems and stalks of an eggplant plant.

008    013


The only things that they didn’t really eat were the tatsoi, and Asian green. It’s probably only a matter of time before those are gone, too, though.




I’m not giving up. It’s still early enough to replant those peas and more swiss chard, maybe. I just need to look into more deterrent than marigolds. They are clearly not working…


Tatsoi seems unharmed. As of now.



One thought on “Deer Devastation

  1. I’ve been there. I’ve witnessed a similar sight. It is very frustrating but I sure am impressed with your good “it’s not too late” attitude. 🙂

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