PROJECT RECIPE: Thug Kitchen Summer Rolls

You guys know how much I love the Thug Kitchen website. I’ve gushed about it on here before. The recipes are easy, tasty and mostly vegetarian. And they seem so fancy.

I love spring rolls, so a while back, when I saw the recipe for summer rolls, I was on board.


PROJECT RECIPE verdict: Keeper. These were a little daunting since I’ve never worked with rice papers before. It took me a couple rolls to get the hang of it, but once I did, it was easy. Rice paper wrappers are surprisingly durable. They didn’t rip easily like I thought they would. You can even tug and stretch them a bit.

These were delicious! I reserved some of the peanut marinade for dipping sauce, which was key. Otherwise, I think they would have been missing something. Besides, when you order these at a Vietnamese place, they always give you peanut dipping sauce. The recipe says to just use whatever vegetables you have, and I used swiss chard, sweet peppers, carrots and cilantro.

How I changed the recipe: I didn’t have tempeh, but I did have tofu. So, I switched that in. No problema.

Seriously, if you are afraid of making spring rolls, I can tell you it’s no sweat. Since the package of spring roll wrappers has like a hundred in it, I’ll definitely be making these again very soon. They’re the perfect way to use up some veggies from the garden when you are getting tired of all your usual ways of making them.


Oh, by the way, Thug Kitchen has published a cookbook, which will be released this fall. You can preorder it on Amazon, and you should check on it. I did.

The legal jargon: I did not receive any cold hard cash, swag, or anything else from Thug Kitchen for this post. I just think they’re pretty freakin’ awesome.



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