It’s Greens Season.

One of the many things I love about this time of year is that greens are back. A lot of greens don’t like hot weather, so shorter cooler days mean greens are growing again. Kale is my favorite, but I’ve gotten some interesting varieties from the Monroe Farm Market that I would not have picked up otherwise. A couple years ago, I bought kohlrabi greens from the market, and I didn’t even know people ate them. They turned out fantastic in a stir-fry.

Recently, the market had broccoli greens. Again, I didn’t realize you could eat those, but I love that these farmers are using everything from the plant. Nothing gets wasted. If I was the person growing the broccoli, of course, I’d compost the roots and use the tough stalks in vegetable stock, too.

broccoli greens

broccoli greens (4)

I had a big bunch of broccoli greens, and I wasn’t really sure what to do with them. I added about half to some pasta with ricotta cheese , caramelized onions and white wine.

broccoli greens (3)

They have a little bit of the bitter bite like broccoli, but mellowed out some when I wilted them down with the white wine. The ricotta and caramelized onions were a nice sweet note against the broccoli greens’ bite.

broccoli greens (2)

I think I’ll use the other half of the bunch for a stir fry. Bitter is great for Asian flavors. You get that umami thing going.

Now that it’s fall (technically today), you’ll start seeing some of these cool weather veggies. Don’t be afraid to try the broccoli greens. You won’t be sorry!


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