PROJECT RECIPE: Swedish Meatballs

I love Ikea. Really love it. Smart coffee tables that cost less than your monthly cable bill. Delicious Swedish food. What’s not to love?

The very first time I went to an Ikea, I went there specifically to eat. And I got the meatballs. Because what else do you get at Ikea for dinner?

I’ve been looking for a meatball that measures up to the convenient ones they sell right beside mocked up kitchens and bedrooms. I think I might have found it.

I found this recipe on Pinterest, of course, but it’s from Damn Delicious. I’m not 100% sure, but I think I met her at Mixed one of the times I went. At any rate, this meatball recipe really is damn delicious.

swedish meatballs

Swedish meatballs are perfect cold weather comfort food. What makes them Swedish, and not just regular meatballs is the sour cream in the sauce. It gives it a nice little unexpected tang.

PROJECT RECIPE verdict: Keeper. I have a pretty good meatball recipe that is no-fail, and pretty basic. But these are something special. The meatball recipe you get out when you want to impress people. The ingredients are pretty straight forward. Nothing fancy, but that means you can taste all the nuances of the pork and ground beef and spices. I definitely could taste all these things in every bite. Sometimes with meatballs you don’t really get that. But they were delicious. Sometimes the most delicious things are simple.

How I changed the recipe: When most people see browned bits of meat stuck to the bottom of a skillet, most people might be annoyed that the meat was sticking a little. I get excited because that means I can pour a little white wine in the skillet and make awesome sauce. Literally, that’s what people mean when they say “awesome sauce.” Bits of browned meat, white wine and some oil. But, if you’re going to make gravy with a roux, resist the urge to deglaze your pan. Just make your gravy with your flour and butter, and scrape up the bits when you’re whisking in the stock. I did not resist this urge, and my gravy didn’t get as think as it should have been. Also, I was too lazy to chop some fresh parsley, so I used (gasp!) dried. The dish still turned out fine. I didn’t use panko either, I used the bread crumbs I keep in my freezer that I make from old bread. I didn’t notice any difference.

These weren’t hard to make either. I did them in two batches in the skillet. I usually make them in the oven, but you do get a nice brown crust on them in the skillet. The worst part about making meatballs is rolling them out. I hate that, but at least eating these for dinner makes that worth it.


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