PROJECT RECIPE: Ginger “beef” mushroom and kale stir-fry

I love a good stir-fry. So quick and easy. Generally healthy. As so, so, tasty.

I ran across this recipe for Ginger Beef, Kale and Mushroom stir-fry from Gimme Some Oven on Pinterest. Kale is pretty much my crack, and those gorgeous pictures on Pinterest of the pulled me right in. Seriously, my mouth was watering reading the post. Don’t look at it right before lunch. Actually, Ali was at MixedCon the first year I went. She won the Dreamfields mac and cheese recipe contest with her roasted veggie mac and cheese. I still make that from time to time. It really is a fantastic recipe.

The stir-fry It sounded perfect for a weeknight dinner. And I have some venison in the freezer from last year that needs moved. Pronto. I thought this would be a great way to use it.

Turns out I was right.

I had a package of “backstrap” (the inner tenderloin, aka “sweet meat”, or whatever you want to call it…), which is actually a really really tender cut. I substituted it for the beef in this recipe, as you can with some cuts of venison fairly easily. It’s so tender, it’s ideal for a quick-cooking stir-fry, as it can become tough if you overcook it.

ginger beef stir fry (1)

PROJECT RECIPE verdict: By the length of time it took this dinner to disappear, it’s no doubt a keeper. It was so quick and easy, too. The one thing I would likely change next time I make it, though, is only use 1 tablespoon of rice wine vinegar. It’s just a taste thing for me. The finished dish was a little too tangy, but some probably really like that.

How I changed the recipe: I used tsatsoi from my cold frame instead of kale. I intended on using kale, but it was sold out from the Monroe Farm Market last week. I guess other people love kale as much as I do. I need to find ways to use this tsatsoi anyway. I don’t know if it will survive super cold temps that will be here before you know it. It’s a nice bitter Asian green anyway, that is perfect in stir-fries. I also used oyster mushrooms rather than shittake and button because that’s what I had. That’s pretty much all I changed. Except for the meat.

ginger beef stir fry

If you’re looking for something to make for dinner, do yourself a favor and head on over to Ali’s blog through the links embedded. It is chock full of beautiful recipes, many of them really quick, easy and tasty. The ginger beef stir-fry is definitely worth trying.


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