PROJECT RECIPE: Quick Tofu Cauliflower Korma

I love, love, love Indian food. And I used to hate it. My first experience with Indian food wasn’t a good one, and it took some convincing for me to try it again. I especially love to make it at home because I find it to be a challenge. It seems so foreign to me–no pun intended. I’m not familiar with the ingredients, so every time I make Indian food, it’s like I learn something new.

I found this recipe for Quick Tofu Cauliflower Korma on Pinterest, and anything with “quick” in the title instantly catches my eye.

Toful Cauliflower Korma

PROJECT RECIPE verdict: Keeper. This really was fairly quick and easy. Forty-five minutes or so–and a good chunk of that was simply simmering the ingredients, so you can sit down and relax or do something else or whatever while this is happening. Not just quick and easy, it was so freakin’ yummy, too. If you like spicy Indian flavors, this is your game. It could even win over those who would turn their noses up at tofu. Or cauliflower, for that matter.

How I changed the recipe: I bought silken tofu instead of extra firm, but it didn’t seem to make a difference. Also, I didn’t have garam marsala, so I made my own (easy–just search for a recipe on the internet). But I didn’t have cardamom or ground cloves, two ingredients in it. So, it might have been even better had I had those. Also, I didn’t have pink peppercorns, so I just omitted them.

This recipe is perfect for Meatless Monday, and it’s pretty healthy to boot. Nothing bad for you in it.

This whole blog, The Yummy Beet, actually looks pretty amazing. Click through the link above to go straight to the recipe, or go straight there and check it out. The pictures are absolutely beautiful. There are lots of yummy recipes that I cannot wait to try. It’s a blog after my own heart, as I, too, think beets are yummy.


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