PROJECT RECIPE: Mushroom. Lemon and Lentil Salad

I found this recipe for Mushroom, Lemon and Lentil Salad on pinterest. Seriously, pinterest hasn’t made Project Recipe easy. I’ve only amassed a larger collection of mouthwatering recipes to try.

I’m always looking for vegetarian recipes for Meatless Monday. I try to make a vegetarian dinner once a week. Meatless recipes are by and large easier on the grocery bill, not to mention healthier. Pinterest has been great for that. I’ve found so many blogs dedicated to vegetarianism with beautiful pictures of food, that I’m good to go on Meatless Monday pretty much from now on out.

I thought this one sound easy and delicious, a win, win in my book. It was.

mushroom lemon lentil salad

PROJECT RECIPE verdict: Keeper. This was so easy. I really read the recipe a couple of times thinking “Is that really all there is to this?” Even though it was a simple recipe, the flavors were big and bold and worked so well together. It was pretty hearty, but low in calories. This is perfect since I’m still living in New Year’s Resolution mode.

How I changed the recipe: Instead of cooking the lentils in water, I used about 1 1/2 cups of vegetable stock because I had some opened in the fridge. I made up the difference for two cups with white wine. This amped up the flavor a bit. Also, I didn’t have arugula because the grocery store was cleaned out of it I bought some mixed greens instead, which had arugula in it. I could see why using straight arugula would be really tasty in this salad.

This is definitely a recipe to keep on hand for busy evenings when you need to get something together fast. I was late getting home from work today, and was starving. It’s a good thing this was pretty quick. I’m guessing it was pretty healthy, too, with the greens and lentils. I’ll definitely make it again, maybe in the spring when I have arugula from my backyard.


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