PROJECT RECIPE: One Pot Chili Mac and Cheese

I usually try to put myself out there like a sophisticated foodie, but I have a confession to make. I freakin’ love chili mac. It’s basically Hamburger Helper, but something about it just says comfort food to me. It’s quick and easy and hearty and satisfying. A total package.

When I saw this recipe for one pot chili mac and cheese from Damn Delicious, I knew it would be a winner. I found it on Pinterest, but I’ve been to her blog before. She was actually at Mixed Con one of the years I was there, and her site has tons of really yummy quick and easy recipes for busy weeknights. Who doesn’t need more of that in their life?

chili mac

Here’s the thing about this dinner. The Hubs had it ready for me when I got home from work Friday.This is the time of year I get super-busy at work, and I stayed until about 6:30 Friday evening, just to get some work done after everyone else left. It was one of those days when things kept popping up and I couldn’t seem to get any tasks completed. I walked in the door and smelled this delicious smell and it was hot and ready to scoop into bowls and enjoy. I’m a lucky gal, I know.

PROJECT RECIPE verdict: Definitely a keeper. Since I didn’t have to cook it, that might have helped this one score some points. But nonetheless, the Hubs attests this one was quick and easy to make, and I can speak to how delicious it was. It’s different than other chili mac I’ve had since it used turkey (or chicken stock). It gave it a nice richness and deep flavors. Chili mac is such a hearty meal, perfect for busy winter evenings–when you end up working late.

The Hubs said he didn’t change the recipe at all, except for using turkey stock in place of chicken stock. In my book, that doesn’t really count.

Click through the link above to get the recipe yourself, and maybe find some other yummy recipes from Damn Delicious. This recipe is going to make regular appearances on my menu, especially this time of year when I have to work late.


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