PROJECT RECIPE: Super bowl snacks edition

The best part of the Super Bowl this year wasn’t the football. And it definitely wasn’t the commercials. Katy Perry WAS pretty kick ass, but in my opinion, the food was pretty hard to beat.

The last couple years, we’ve hosted my brother and my dad for the game and a spread of snacks. This year, my brother is on a paleo diet kick, and I’m trying to stick with my New Year’s resolution, so we needed some healthy fare. It seemed there was no shortage of yummy recipes that were fairly healthy this year for the Super Bowl on pinterest.

I’ve had these recipes printed for a long time and in my binder, but I hadn’t ever tried them. I decided the Super Bowl was the perfect time to try them both.

bean dip

The Sundried Tomato spread is from Thug Kitchen. If you aren’t familiar with that website, please, please go now. But only if you don’t mind profanity and like vegetarian recipes. I’m down with both. They even have a cookbook out now, which I’m dying to get.

This is definitely a keeper. It’s super healthy since it is made from white beans, garlic and sundried tomatoes. It would be so good in a wrap with some veggies or on a sandwich. But it disappeared pretty quickly with homemade baked tortilla chips.

I found this recipe on Katie’s Cucina. I met her at Mixed Con a couple years ago. Spicy baked corn chips are right up my alley since I love tortilla chips with just about anything. Using corn tortillas and baking them makes them healthier. Once they cooled, they were really crunchy. They were so easy to make, too.

Click through these links to get the recipes, and while you’re at it, order a cookbook from Thug Kitchen. These are two recipes that you don’t need to wait for the Super Bowl for.


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