PROJECT RECIPE: Indian turkey with chickpeas and spinach

I love Indian food. I love cooking it almost as much as going out to have it at an Indian restaurant.

For the longest time, I was solidly against Indian food. I chalk it up to a bad experience the first time I ever tried it. So, I thought I didn’t like it for a long time. I’m glad I gave it another chance. I can’t get enough of the exotic spicy food nowadays.7:007

I had a couple wild turkey breasts in the freezer from last spring season. Fresh turkey breast is great when its lightly breaded and fried. But I think, when its frozen, it gets tough. So I thought this recipes would be great since it braises slow and low in the oven for about an hour–the best way to cook tough cuts of meat.

I think I must’ve stumbled on this recipe for Indian turkey with chickpeas and spinach on pinterest. I can’t remember.

indian turkey and chickpeas (2)

PROJECT RECIPE verdict: Eh. I wasn’t “wowed”. The best part of the recipe were the chickpeas because they got nice and soft braising in the pot for so long. It was better leftover, like some stews usually areIt seems like it is probably relatively healthy. It was absolutely full of spinach, mushrooms and chickpeas–a great way to get your fill of vegetables.

How I changed the recipe: I mentioned I used turkey breast instead of turkey thighs. I love dark meat, so that might have been better. But I didn’t have any turkey thighs. Also, I didn’t have quite enough curry powder, so I just added some tumeric and cumin to make up the difference. I thought it was a little bland. Looking back, maybe if I’d actually followed the recipe, this might have been better. Maybe I wasn’t fair with it. I do have another turkey breast in the freezer, so maybe I’ll give it another try.

indian turkey and chickpeas


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