Spring Rising

For the first time in weeks, I’ve gotten to leave work at my usual time this week. Wednesday, I took advantage of the non-rain sunshine (I can’t say it was warm…) and the daylight savings time, to get out in my backyard and assess the work that has accumulated over another winter.


There are tons of sticks from the many trees in our backyard that need picked up. And the moss has seemingly taken over. Does moss throw anyone into a rage like it does me? I know its prevalent this time of year because the grass it dormant, but it seems worse than usual. Our backyard is a constant fight because it has a lot of shade and the ground tends to stay moist. It’s the worst. Our gutters leach out into the back yard about 30 feet from the house, and that ground always seems to stay wet and mushy–perfect for growing tons and tons of moss. I’ve tried moss killer the past two falls, but it doesn’t seem to slow it down much. Please, if anyone has any pointers, I’d gladly welcome them.

At any rate, it was nice to see the signs of spring around the rest of my yard. The daffodils are pushing up and have tiny buds on them. In my flower bed, the irises have fresh spikey green shoots, along with tulips and more daffodils.

spring daffodil shoots

I had a low tunnel over two raised beds, and I took that off Wednesday evening. I hoed up a few weeds that had made there home in the beds and applied some fertilizer. We should be getting some rain before the weekend, so it will be nice and soaked in. I hope to plant some cool-weather crops this weekend like peas, kale, spinach and radishes.

I checked on my asparagus crowns that I planted two summers ago. Last summer, a few skinny stalks came up, but you aren’t supposed to harvest them the first year. There’s no sign of life there yet–I hope our super cold weather for a couple weeks in February didn’t kill them. I did notice the garlic chives coming up in my herb garden already, though. They are a welcome sight!


I am so ready for fresh green food. By the end of next month, I hope that I’ll be eating dandelion greens, morels and wild turkey. I hate to wish away any time of year, but I’m seriously over the brown hillsides and cruddy weather. I hope the saying is true this year–March certainly came in like a lion, let’s hope it goes out like a lamb.


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