A couple years ago, I realized I had a problem. I had amassed a huge pile of recipes I’d printed from various food blogs and from around the internet. I meant to make every single one of these recipes when I printed them, and I never seemed to get around to it. They just piled up. And I couldn’t bear to just throw them all away because they all sounded so good. So, I figured I’d just try to whittle down the list by making at least five per month. Then Pinterest happened. Unfortunately, this pace hasn’t kept up with my printing and pinning more of them.

You won’t find a word for word rewrite of any of these recipes on my PROJECT RECIPE posts because that is plagiarism and illegal. What you will find on my posts is a link to the blog (or website I found it on), a little description of the site, and a link to the recipe itself. Go ahead and click through the embedded links and check out these blogs. There are some fantastic food bloggers out there. You might find a new blog to read, or another recipe you’d like to try.

This is a list of all the posts with links to the blogs that I’ve reviewed in my PROJECT RECIPE series.


Pasta and Rice

Red Meat

Poultry and Fish





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