PROJECT RECIPE: Vegan Quinoa and Sweet Potato Chili

So, I had a bag of sweet potatoes that my father-in-law gave me sometime last fall or this winter, that I’ve been trying to get rid of. Yes, they’ll keep that long if stored properly. I’m guessing my garage is probably proper storage since they kept that long. That’s also where I keep my regular potatoes and apples (in the fall) and it seems to do just fine. I guess it’s my version of a root cellar.

I’ve been looking for recipes for sweet potatoes, and I found this recipe for vegan quinoa and sweet potato chili on Pinterest. I seriously love how you can type in “sweet potato recipes” and get hundreds in a second. Pinterest is seriously making it hard to thin out my binder of recipes I see on the internet and print off.

I love making soups for lunch, and with a vacation coming up in a few weeks, I’ve been trying to find really healthy (bathing suit-friendly) soups. Quinoa and black beans make this chili recipe high in protein and fiber, and even though they are higher in calories, it’s okay because they keep you full for hours.


PROJECT RECIPE verdict: I’d make this again. It’s a nice way to use up stuff you might have in your pantry like quinoa and half a bag of sweet potatoes. And it is pretty filling. I’m thinking it may freeze well too. I hope so, since it made a lot. It was also pretty quick and easy, so you could even make it as a light weeknight dinner.

How I changed the recipe: I didn’t have tomato paste, so I added a pint of tomatoes that I canned. I spooned them out of the juice and smashed them in the pot. Then when it was time to add the stock, I added the juice from the tomatoes too. I also didn’t have any avocado for serving. When I served it, it seemed like it was missing something, so I added shredded cheese. This obviously makes it not vegan. The avocado might have been the ticket, had I had some. I also added some hot sauce, for a little extra kick.


Just look at how yummy and hearty this chili is. I couldn’t go vegan because I love dairy too much, but I’m not missing meat in this chili at all.

Update: I ate some of the leftovers with a little dollop of guacamole on top. It was just what this chili needed–it was even better this way than with cheese.


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